back to article Don't want AWS training its AI systems from your pics, text, audio, code? It's now easier to opt out of the slurp

Did you know if you upload pictures, text, audio, code, and other content to some Amazon Web Services' AI systems for processing, the internet giant may quietly keep your data to retrain and improve its current and future technology? That means if your website, application, or software development process is powered by one of …

  1. YetAnotherJoeBlow

    Opt out

    That is how Facebook et al word the T&C so they can slurp with impunity. Personally I think that is shady. I would put a notice like:

    If you sign in with _____________, they will retain your data and that ACME App has no say whatsoever how _____________ retains and uses that data. It is your responsibility to opt out with them, not ACME.

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