back to article Big Tech backs colleges in war against Trump's ban on foreign students taking web-only classes mid-pandemic

Big Tech has thrown its support behind a legal challenge to a Trump administration rule that will force foreign students to leave the US if their university courses are online-only amid the coronavirus pandemic. Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have joined [PDF] a wide range of other large tech companies, including Adobe, …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Use special paper for all his stuff...

    Specificly toilet paper. Have him write up all his changes on it so it can be used immediately to wipe an ass, get flushed down the toilet, & left to "archive" in the sewer where it belongs.

  2. Roland6 Silver badge

    "Big Tech" objects to removal of US government subsidy

    So US big tech companies are going to incur increased recruitment costs...

    Naturally they could avoid those costs by enhancing their overseas operations, which in turn, give increased opportunities for internal transfers and to pay even less US taxes than they do today...

  3. LDS Silver badge

    Maybe Trump should subscribe to an on-line course about controlling a pandemic

    Given how well US is keeping it under control so it's fully safe to reopen universities and move people across US...

    But he maybe also need some introductory course about what a virus is - I suggest the French animated series "Once Upon a Time... Life" on Netflix. It will be a double lesson for him...

  4. PassiveSmoking

    He's going to fight any challenge tooth and nail. Trump hates "elites" (by which he means people with an education, not people who own a sky scraper in New York and environmentally dubious golf courses in Scotland. For some reason that doesn't count as elite as far as Trump is concerned), and he hates non-Americans, especially the non-Caucasian variety. This policy allows him to attack both kinds of people at once.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Looks like Trump is abandoning the plan

    Looks like Trump has abandoned this plan, at least according to

    Presumably Trump may still be happy that he got his "Trump bashing foreign visas" headlines even if there's no follow-up. And the advantage for Trump is that he can bash the visas later to get the same headlines again and/or campaign on "the elites stopped him" :(.

    A normal president would be interested in orderly results, but that would be ... normal :(

  6. John_3_16

    Trump has been Trumped...

    This policy was rescinded earlier this week. He started a lawsuit war he could not win. All major colleges & big tech jumped in, too. Somebody smacked him in the mouth & told him he has already stacked the deck against his re-election chances. Trump decided this was a war he could not win & an army he did not want to fight with through November.

    Stay safe everyone & don't listen to T-rump...

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