back to article Double helping of delays for SpaceX as Starlink, ANASIS-II missions cling to terra firma

SpaceX's 10th Starlink mission remained resolutely welded to the launchpad over the weekend as the company decided to stand down from a 11 July launch attempt in order to "allow more time for checkouts". The mission, carrying another 57 of the company's internet-slinging spacecraft and a pair of BlackSky satellites, had …

  1. JohnMurray

    "While a glimpse at the couches where those able to afford a jaunt aboard Branson's space jalopy will recline is all well and good, its customers are likely more keen to know when they might fly rather than where they might one day get to s[h]it."

  2. Greybearded old scrote

    The irony

    A batch of light-polluting Starlinks on the same launch as something called BlackSky.

  3. Spherical Cow Bronze badge

    Metric tons?

    The word you are looking for is tonnes.

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