back to article If you have Microsoft 365 and Windows Virtual Desktop, do you need Citrix? Apparently

Microsoft has agreed to make Citrix a "a preferred digital workspace solution" for its Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), part of its Microsoft 365 suite. Described as a "multi-year agreement", the deal includes joint tools and services for migrating on-premises Citrix to Azure, joint products including Citrix Workspace (a …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    First phase of...

    Embrace, extend and extinguish?

    1. eswan

      Re: First phase of...

      They've been embracing and extending it for a very long time now. Citrix first came out for NT 3.51 I believe. Microsoft allowed them to live as long as they licensed their (citrix's) technology to them (microsoft) which Microsoft used for their Remote Desktop Protocol in NT4.

      1. NeilPost

        Re: First phase of...

        Surprised Microsoft never bought Citrix years ago.

        Would have been a better money spaff than Nokia Mobile Division for example.

        1. Youngone Silver badge

          Re: First phase of...

          Maybe Microsoft could have made Citrix actually work properly.

          I have about 40 Citrix users on my part of our network, and they have a tough time of it due it's instability.

          1. D@v3

            Re: stability


            We have gone up from about 20 a day, to around 60 users a day with all this lockdown nonsense, and apart from spinning up a couple of extra VM's to cope with the load, haven't seen any problems.

      2. aaronatthedoublef

        Re: First phase of...

        Citrix pre-dates NT. They had a multi-user version of OS/2 that ran over LAN Man and dial-up back in 1991 or earlier.

  2. pmelon

    Tread carefully

    We use WVD at work for maybe a couple of thousand users. They get a black screen at logon sometimes. Seems to be pot luck whether the user profile loads correctly. It’s not been that great, YMMV. I’m not involved in the ongoing fixing, but the whole thing has the feel of a beta test.

  3. Mayday

    This Announcement

    Still does not tell me why should buy, use, maintain, licence etc Citrix when I have an MS solution such as Office 365 in place.

    1. P. Lee

      Re: This Announcement

      Client data bandwidth requirements?


      Client compatibility?

      I’d still be nervous if I were Citrix.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    There's alternatives that don't just lock you in to vdi/ rdsh with azure/ Citrix. VMware horizon can do better across public and private clouds. Go where you want

  5. IGnatius T Foobar !

    Whither Citrix? Wither Citrix?

    Honestly, most of us thought that Citrix was going to die years ago when they licensed their core asset (multiuser remote Windows) back to Microsoft for inclusion in the main product. They've managed to stay scrappy since then. Now they're doing the same thing again. There is, of course, the assumption that the whole world wants everything to reside in a hyperscale cloud (Microsoft or Amazon). I assure you it does not. What the hyperscale overlords call "on prem" is increasingly NOT at the customer premise, but in a smaller hosting provider, often in a private cloud that has a more predictable cost model.

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