back to article GitHub is just like all of us: The week has just started but it needed 4 whole hours of downtime

GitHub marked the start of the week with more than four hours of downtime, as GitHub Issues, Actions, Pages, Packages and API requests all reported "degraded performance." A problem on the world's most popular code repository and developer collaboration site was first reported around 05:00 UK time (04:00 UTC) this morning and …

  1. Dave Pickles

    "first reported around 05:00 UK time"?

    The web interface was wobbly all last weekend.

  2. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Eggs and Baskets

    For several years now we've maintained duplicates on github and sourceforge. OK, I know that only really works efficiently for a relatively small project, but it does turn "the sky is falling" into "tut-tut".

    1. Glen 1

      Re: Eggs and Baskets

      What makes me laugh is that one of the selling points of git is it's distributed model.

      A single website is probably not something your project should depend on.


      Gitbucket and gitprep are self-hostable github clones - no idea to their application as a mirror.

      1. MatthewSt

        Re: Eggs and Baskets

        Or you could go fully distributed -

      2. Paul 195

        Re: Eggs and Baskets

        Your repo is distributed, but the chances are your CI/CD pipeline isn't. And it relies on your origin repository which everyone agrees is the "source of truth" for your codebase. So lots of pipelines break if github is down, even though individual developers can carry on working just fine.

        1. Dave2

          Re: Eggs and Baskets

          today's outage didn't stop my CI pipeline as it is on a locally controlled Jenkins PC and it is not difficult to point to a different repo if needed.

          The big problem is it borked a pull request. I needed to push additional changes due to review comments. But the github pull request didn't update. I ended up pushing another change to force it to notice.

          With git the code is safe (nicely distributed ...) but all the info, review comments etc are only in github (AFAIK). Migrating that extra stuff is where the pain is.

          When I had a choice, I used gitlab since there is a locally hosted fallback option.

      3. cyberdemon Silver badge

        Re: Eggs and Baskets

        > Gitbucket and gitprep

        Don't forget GitLab! - also self-hostable.

        I'd be suspicious of GitHub anyway ever since it was subsumed by the armies of satan

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who'd a thunk it eh?

    That Microsoft's purchase of GitHub would turn out so well for other repositories?

    I pulled my projects the day the sale was announced. Episodes like this make mine and that of others seem very sensible.

    Why is it the pretty well anything that they 'buy in' goes from good/reasonable to utter shite in no time at all?

  4. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    What is going on? The Microsoft-owned company...

    Eh... 2+2=...

  5. Claptrap314 Silver badge

    Get your ******* act together

    “You are a dependency to our systems and if this keeps happening, many will say goodbye,” said developer Emad Mokhtar on Twitter.

    No, I'm NOT talking about GitHub. I'm talking about organizations that allow unnecessary external dependencies into their build chains. This is particularly egregious in the case of GitHub, because, as already mentioned, git's "everyone has a master (oops! *primary*) copy" model is at least half of why almost no one uses subversion any more.

    If you really must rely on GitHub's webhooks & such, go enterprise & have your own instance, isolated from *********** like this.

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Re: Get your ******* act together

      If you're a small organisation then paying someone like GitHub or Bitbucket to host your code is probably easier than managing your own server(s).

      1. Claptrap314 Silver badge

        Re: Get your ******* act together

        If you're big enough to be running your own servers at all, the build system should be about the first thing that you bring in-house. If not, I would SERIOUSLY look into enterprise GitHub on AWS or GCP.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Get your ******* act together

      git's "everyone has a master (oops! *primary*) copy" model is at least half of why almost no one uses subversion any more.

      Having used both (centralised, backed up repos), I find the biggest advantages of git over svn are various common operations that are local in git but remote in svn, plus merging in svn used to be crap (although I think it has improved).

      The work flows this enables, combined with the tooling, makes it no contest for me, but I still have some nostalgia for svn...

  6. Anonymous Coward

    "Microsoft-owned company"

    I think I found your problem. MS has a pretty bad track record with uptime and SLAs for its various online offerings.

    1. MatthewSt

      Re: "Microsoft-owned company"

      Yes, maybe they should have stayed independent, because they never had outages then. Or maybe they should host on AWS as Amazon never have outages. What about Google Cloud? They never go down either. So many indestructible options to choose from!

  7. Cowboy Bob


    This was the last straw for me. Spent today migrating my repos over to GitLab. I don't have that many - 4 public and around 20 private - but it's obvious to any regular Git user that GitHub has been getting progressively worse from a reliability perspective for a while now

  8. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge


    So, we'll do this again in 2038?

  9. o p

    Poor microsoft!

    They bought a company whose IT relies on a technology owned by Oracle ( actually Oracle bought it before it could become a threat and made sure it will never become one ).

    Maybe they could migrate to AWS' Aurora. Supposed to be compatible, several times the IO throughput, and you can easily set up replication.

  10. razorfishsl

    Microsoft doing what only MS can do reliably.......

    Even the 365 instances keep having outages "due to programming oversights" (just put shit in live without full testing)

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