back to article Did you know Arm has an Internet-of-Things cloud? Not anymore. Wants to offload it to Softbank

Arm today said it hopes to transfer its Internet-of-Things management cloud to its owner Softbank so that the chip designer can focus on its primarily function – designing chips. Specifically, Arm proposed spinning off its Pelion IoT Platform and Treasure Data businesses, part of its IoT Services Group, as separate entities …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Secure IoT is worth playing for.

    Generic IoT is a race to the bottom and will be won by the Chinese because they will effectively buy market share through subsidy.

    The only exception to this are the highly regulated spaces e.g. military, aerospace, automotive, medical and critical civil infrastructure. In these then there is a clear need for cost-effective and secure products, and it may be that the 'kitchen sink' Pelion approach is overkill and we can move much faster with more nimble technology.

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