back to article Make sure you've patched your F5 BIG-IP gear. Exploit code for scary bug is so trivial, it fits in a tweet

Exploit code for a nasty vulnerability in F5 Networks' BIG-IP application delivery controllers is now doing the rounds, so make sure you're all patched up. Miscreants are scanning the internet for machines to attack, judging from reports by infosec bods running honeypots. Any vulnerable kit facing the 'net is likely to be …

  1. TheSkunkyMonk

    US government warning us about Tor when they release it onto the world? If anything they promoted its use to get more users as it makes it harder to trace.

    1. EnviableOne Silver badge

      Ah but that was them that were in power then, not them that is in power now ....

      still, all they have to do is revoke the NRLs origonal licence

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