back to article Memories are made of chips: 'Surge in online activity' helps Micron make off with $5.4bn in Q3

Analysts today noted that memory maker Micron's latest results suggested "healthy" data centre demand, as the American firm's CEO pointed to uptick in capacity requirements as the "pandemic driv[es] rapid change in consumer and corporate practices..." The American firm put in an impressive third quarter for fiscal 2020, …

  1. HildyJ Silver badge

    Headline writers end of day slump?

    The current one seems weak. How about -

    Micron slurps up $5.4bn in Q3 as data centers double dip

    WD and Xilinx waiting to scoop up their share

    To be serious, given an 18% drop last quarter, a 14% recovery is not that surprising. Although it's undoubtedly welcomed by the shareholders.

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