back to article Spare some change, guv? UK's CCTV regulator pitches for £100k budget increase

"A consistent refrain I recite at the many conference speeches, media interviews and workshops I attend is the importance of transparency and openness in the use of public space surveillance," said Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) Tony Porter in his most recent annual report. Published late last week some 18 months after …

  1. LucreLout Silver badge

    How much can it cost...

    ..... to waive through yet another request with "If its not the bogs or the lasses changing room then of course you can have another camera"?

    If the nuclear materials regulator was half as permissive as the CCTV folks, I'd be glowing in the dark by the time I got to work.

    (sorry folks, I'm making a point not being scientifically accurate - learned much about radiation over the years from fellow commentards!)

  2. Ben Tasker Silver badge

    > In the SCC's legal submissions, barrister Andrew Sharland QC suggested it would be unlawful for police to take over existing CCTV camera networks and attach AFR recognition software to them.

    The Home Office, presumably then, have already dispatched a missive demanding he's kicked out of the role. Can't have that kind of sense and reason encroaching on their AFR rollout.

  3. Mips

    How much!!

    £100k for two bods. Oooh cheapskates!

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