back to article Oracle opens second Indian cloud region in bid to keep pace in make-or-break market

Oracle is opening its second cloud data centre in India due to "increasing demand for secure and stable" cloud services in the world's largest democracy. Having launched its Mumbai Cloud region in 2019, Oracle is opening a second centre in Hyderabad, central India. According to IDC, 64 per cent of organisations in India are …

  1. B83

    Is Big Red on its way out?

    I've worked in a few Enterprise sized companies in the past few years and everyone of them is doing their utmost to get away from Oracle. Far too expensive for their products e.g. Oracle database licenses, compared to what the open source can provide. The job market for Oracle developers seems to be becoming a bit of a niche area, just my opinion, every body I speak to does not consider Oracle development as a good option for them and concentrate on the newer stuff. Are Oracle becoming the new Mainframe! Still being used but nobody interested in investing time into their products.

    It wont be the death knell for them but I suspect they are in for a rough ride in the Cloud market stakes.

    1. Robert Grant Silver badge

      Re: Is Big Red on its way out?

      Being the next mainframe isn't the worst thing in the world - they're still knocking around!

      1. rcxb Silver badge

        Re: Is Big Red on its way out?

        Mainframes went from a massive business with multiple vendors down to being just a small fraction of one company's business.

        And IBM only kept them going despite the immense cost because they like the propritary lock-in, to ensure companies have to keep buying their overpriced software and service contracts. IBM could easily pull an Apple and port their software, include a binary translator, and change their entire mainframe business to x86 commodity servers.

      2. robidy Silver badge

        Re: Is Big Red on its way out?

        Apart from their rather basic firewall UI and rather odd VPN interface their stuff just works, not having to worry about the OS on a database is a good thing....they won't be massive but they'll be around for a while.

  2. NeilPost Bronze badge

    “ "A large number of Indian organizations are looking to change growth orbits with a greater focus on cloud-led innovation”

    Bullshit alert.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If Indian clouds are as special as Indian coding is, then I'm going to keep well away.

  4. 3Sails

    It is awful.

    Oracle's cloud effort is a laughing stock.

    Anyone who has worked with Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean et al is reduced to fits of the giggles when they see the state of it.

    We're kinda forced to by our HR's legacy and the level of contempt it shows to it's customers by charging "HOW MUCH?" for it is remarkable.

    They deserve to go tits up.

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