back to article Salesforce plans to write Slack integration out of the equation by rolling its own messaging and collaboration app

Salesforce is trying to tweak the nose of Microsoft Teams and Slack by building enterprise collaboration into its applications and platform in a move designed to make it integral to business process workflow. In a challenge to existing collaboration tools, Salesforce claims video calls, chat, alerts, presence and comments can …

  1. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Yay, another messaging app to be ignored.

  2. jake Silver badge

    Re-inventing the wheel?

    AGAIN? Colo(u)r me unimpressed. Shirley salesforce can think of better things to do with their big, ugly dildo.

    At least make it different ... perhaps make it square instead of round? They could call it Grot!

    Oh, wait, that's been done too ...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What a total waste of time

    What a total waste of time. I don't know anyone who sits logged into Sales Farce Permanently so this will become just another chatt app that you have to check to see if people are currently online... Internally we use Teams, Zoom, Slack, Confluence, Workvivo and god knows how many other platforms. This seems to be duplicating functionality most people have in multiple other places fo no benefit. It is not going to keep me logged onto Sales Farce any more than I possibly have to be and if I have to show something in SFDC the API integrations mean that those other tools currently work perfectly well enough.

    Seems to me like SFDC are trying to boil the ocean and offer every function under the sun without actually fixing all the things that are terminally broken in their shitty platform.

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