back to article Capita capital capitulates to COVID-19 coronavirus: Pandemic blamed as top line sags 10%

Capita, the UK's fave outsourcing badass, estimates revenues for the first half of calendar 2020 to be down by double digits due to contract losses and customers tightening their belts during the pandemic. The London Stock Exchange-listed outfit said today it has felt the squeeze across most of its divisions, and anticipates …

  1. macjules Silver badge

    "We have implemented cost and cash preservation initiatives to mitigate the .."

    "cost preservation initiatives" = Layoffs for the staff.

    "cash preservation initiatives" = Bonuses for the board.

  2. EnviableOne Silver badge

    blame Covid

    While the rest of the outsources have fed off the fatted calf of the johnson government, Crapita has continued its decline.

    The business is shot, a turn arround is not possible, unless they sell everything and become and investment fund.

  3. tony benton


    Aren't Capita in charge of this nation wide project.

    What happens to this £11bn .project if Capita goes bust.

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