back to article GO on then: Facebook's Oculus to axe its entry-level VR headset

Facebook-owned Oculus has bowed to the seemingly inevitable and told the world about the demise of its entry-level Oculus Go VR headset. Launched two years ago, the Go arrived with a starting price of $199 (for 32GB of storage) and a 2560 x 1440 LCD display. Crucially, it did not need a PC to do its VR wizardry and proved a …

  1. msknight


    "Our end goal is to bring VR to as many people as possible," ... support in Linux still lacking. This is one person still not having VR brought to them. I would love to play Alex. Not happening in Penguin land though. At least, not easily. I'd also love to play Overload (which I have, as a time honoured Descent fan) but that's not happening either.

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