back to article Eclipse Foundation releases Jakarta EE 9 preview, adopts AdoptOpenJDK

The Eclipse Foundation has released a preview of Jakarta EE 9, the next major version of what used to be called Java Enterprise Edition. The name change goes back to Oracle’s decision in September 2017 to move Java EE to an open source foundation. At the time, Oracle said there would be “a new name for Java EE to be determined …

  1. Robert Grant Silver badge

    It shows a levelling in the interest in deploying microservices as part of moving Java applications to the cloud. People are becoming more pragmatic. If you have a Java monolith with a couple of thousand users, there is no business reason to re-architect that. Just lift and shift.”

    Java is pretty heavyweight for microservices.

    1. Julz Silver badge

      Are you suggesting that JAVAs got a fat arse?

    2. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

      Jetty and a few JAX-RS libraries is great for microservices. Even DropWizard is a good start because it's easy to trim it down once it's running. I see Spring or EE and assume it's 15 million lines of bad Stack Overflow suggestions assembled by 6 different contract agencies.

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