back to article Carbon-based vuln hunters will always be better at infosec than AI, insist puny humans

Puny humans still think they're superior to AI when it comes to infosec – and a significant number still don't venture into meatspace or get enough sunlight. So reckons a survey carried out on behalf of Bugcrowd, which also made the edifying finding that 64 per cent of independent infosec researchers are on median incomes …

  1. Mike 137 Silver badge

    Vive la difference

    "attack vector that AI would likely miss without the creative flexibility of human decision-making."

    That sums up exactly what the difference is between artificial and real intelligence. AI is essentially token matching (mentation at the level of the bumble bee) whereas the human can be creative. We don't understand the mechanism of creativity - we can only infer from examples, and the range of inferences is almost as wide as the range of examples. Consequently we can't tell a mindless machine how to do it. I suspect that a key component of it is understanding.

    1. EnviableOne Silver badge

      Re: Vive la difference

      but a proper adaptive AI would be able to do this.

      This is just rage against the machine

      I am sure you'd have heard the same from weavers when mills first started....

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