back to article Coming live from Next@Acer in Taipei: Hardware refreshes, new ruggedised line – and, er, an energy drink

Carving a living in the cut-throat world of PCs sales is a tough business, just ask Taiwanese vendor Acer. Perhaps in the hope of injecting more fizz into its upcoming line-up, the business has rolled out an energy drink alongside a slew of brand spanking new computers. Hardware releases came thick and fast today at the Next@ …

  1. Jonathan Richards 1

    Regex mismatch

    TFA rendered thusly: "... flurry of hardware releases came thick and fast today at the [email protected] event in Taipei"

    Time to tweak that regex, I believe.

  2. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    I didn't see mention of the screen resolution

    Is it a fairly pointless 1376 wide, or something a bit more chunky?

    I have to admit I loved the idea of the chromebooks, right up until I started using one (a very nice toshiba iirc) but at the time the inability to do any of the things I actually did, as opposed to the google office stuff - code writing, schematic and PCB cad - and the very limited storage space turned out to be killers; I ended up sticking linux on (natively, not Crouton) which helped a lot but even then storage space was an issue and I had to be careful what I installed.

    This unit with a decent sized drive seems worth considering, but I'd probably still be looking at linux conversion.

  3. MiguelC Silver badge

    Not even one AMD Ryzen based model?

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