back to article We were already secure enough for mass remote working before COVID-19, boast IT pros

Nearly three-quarters of IT professionals haven't increased their company's security posture during the COVID-19 pandemic – while 90 per cent highlighted remote working as a security risk, according to a survey. On the bright side, half of those people reckoned that remote working from home has increased productivity across …

  1. rcxb Silver badge

    Three-quarters claim pandemic didn't trigger big changes to corporate security settings

    While the other 99% are too busy struggling to keep their systems secure to be arsed to complete a survey...

    1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

      And when Wi-Fi first appeared nobody thought it was a big risk, they were correct because initially there were too few Wi-Fi systems around to be worth hacking but then times changed and people started encrypting transmissions after the hackers started digging in. A couple of months ago too few people were seriously working from home to be worth hacking, that's changed now and if working from home becomes the new normal then the opportunities and the holes in networks will expand.

  2. Flak

    2FA please for all you UK people

    I see your user name and password...

    ... I raise you 2FA.

    That should be the table stakes.

  3. Kev99

    "We were already secure enough for mass remote working before COVID-19, boast IT pros". PINFEATHERS! BOVINE EXCREMENT! Tell that to all the companies that have had hundreds of gigs of data stolen over the past couple weeks. Maybe when they still used dedicated lines they were secure but the sure as hael aren't not that they use the bunch of holes held together with vapor or string.

    1. DavCrav Silver badge

      "Tell that to all the companies that have had hundreds of gigs of data stolen over the past couple weeks."

      One would hope that if your data had been stolen, you would be one of the 25% who said their security was in fact not up to scratch.

  4. defiler Silver badge

    No change here

    Not posted in ages because work has been equivalent to setting up hundreds of new offices as customers all went home and logged in from there instead.

    From our perspective we've changed nothing - we were all working remotely from the servers anyway. From our customers', they're maybe starting to realise that their TalkTalk broadband is a bit shit when we throw their 400ms latency back at them.

    Right - nose back to the wheel for the next round...

  5. hoola Bronze badge


    There was so much "Just make it happen" from manglement that normal security protocols were sidelined. I am sure we were not alone in this. Yes, there is work to go and mop up some parts of it but the entire driver was to keep people working at any cost (not financial).

    Who comes up with this stuff?

  6. kmedcalf

    Where I used to work ...

    Where I used to work before I retired, "remote working" was put in place as a part of the "Business Continuity Plan" in 2003 or thereabouts after the SARS pandemic (and for some business lines, like the one I worked in, had already been in effect for at least a decade). It was continually practiced and drilled since that time. So in effect the only "action" that needed to be taken to implement "work from home" was to tell about 10,000 employee's across the country to take their laptop home tonight and work remotely until further notice.

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