back to article VMware and Office for Mac need patching, Microsoft can scan your firmware, and Anonymous takes credit for Atlanta police hacks

It was another week of furious firefighting in the security space, including the curious tale of a Forbes "most promising" entrepreneur indicted over alleged phishing attacks, new privacy laws in the US, software flaws and more. VMware Tools patched for Mac bugs Those running VMWare guest machines on Mac will want to update …

  1. disgruntled yank Silver badge

    For the benefit of readers outside the US

    "Brown has no shortage of sway on Capitol Hill"

    Except that he does. He is a ranking minority member, which gets one only so far.

  2. cd


    Republicans are complaining about propagnada on social media?

    1. JJKing Silver badge

      Re: CCP

      Republicans are complaining about propagnada on social media?

      Pot, meet pot.

  3. Mike 137 Silver badge

    Microsoft adds another attack vector to Windows

    "Good news from Redmond – Microsoft said it can scan UEFI firmware with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection."

    There's a lot of evidence from several years of independent research to show that, regardless of vendor, "protection" that breaks system segregation (either by hooking to ring zero or this for example) increases the attack surface of the target. It's typically coded to the same standards as all other software so it has attackable vulnerabilities in it just like everything else.

    1. redpawn Silver badge

      Re: Microsoft adds another attack vector to Windows

      Probably true, but rootkit technology already exists. On the other hand this could provide a better (more evil) road map for their coding.

  4. razorfishsl

    Except you cannot upgrade........

    becasue this piece of shit requires you are on 10.14..................

    And Apple fucked over all users above 10.13.6, by blocking development of NVIDIA drivers........,

    so what i hear you say.....

    WELL by blocking NVIDIA drivers, they fucked over CUDA, which is no longer available above 10.13.6, and so a lot of graphic processing for ADOBE just became unavailable...

    and that's why we just dumped the hundreds of staff still on OSX......, becasue we aint about to allow ANY company to dictate our workflow......

    Oh.. and were about to dump all the IPhones they use ,since we won't be an Apple house any longer...

    Which is annoying since we had been moving our 500 staff over to apple since 2010, bcos ... they said they were gonna support us.. but they LIED.....

  5. big_D Silver badge

    What's good for the goose.

    "The solution is simple – deplatform CCP officials and propagandists who consistently spread lies," said McCaul, the lead Republican on the Committee.

    How about deplatforming all politicians (worldwide) who consistently spread lies?

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