back to article It's 500 Friday at GitHub as source shack takes an hour-long morning totter

Code shack GitHub has rounded out the week with "elevated error rates" as developers learned that Friday is a day for bacon sandwiches rather than pull requests. Things kicked off at around 08:30 UTC, and the source shed admitted by 08:52 UTC that something was indeed amiss. The outpouring of developer grief and snark on …

  1. nematoad Silver badge

    Modus operandi.


    More like Midas in reverse.

    It seems as if everything they touch turns to shit

  2. logicalextreme Silver badge

    Jaunty 500 errors

    There is little I find more singly infuriating than a web service (especially one where something you've spent a long time doing/filling in may be at risk) saying "Oops!" (no matter how many ⟨o⟩s it contains) on a 5xx error page. You fscked up something important and your users may be enraged by this; don't glibly capsize the boat in an effort to match your "casual" branding.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Wait a minute

    I thought we had agreed that this was supposed to be a Monday feature.

  4. druck Silver badge


    Maybe they need to master the ability of staying up, before messing around with names.

  5. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge


    Several tech companies are declaring today to be a holiday. It's possible that a GitHubber deployed changes when it's simultaneously a Friday and a minimum staff day.

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