back to article Windows 10 Fast Ringers – sorry, 'Dev Channel' – tossed Linux GPU support for WSL2 in latest Insider preview build

After months of moribund emissions, Microsoft's loyal cadre of Fast Ring (or Dev Channel) Insiders were rewarded with toys aplenty last night as Windows 10 crested the build 20,000 mark. Build 20150 was heavy on fixes and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) tweaks. The latter received the promised GPU compute, a one-command …

  1. IGnatius T Foobar !

    Wayland support would complete this.

    GPU support is nice for non-graphics applications but it would be even more useful for actual graphics. How about giving us a Wayland compositor that writes directly to the Windows desktop? Suddenly WSL would be light years ahead of all the tools that try to get X11 windows and Windows windows sharing a desktop.

  2. poohbear

    I take it the wsl --remove-windows command is still undocumented?

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