back to article Ready or not, here I come! Microsoft primes the Windows 10 20H1 auto-update cannon as 20H2 hovers into view

Hot on the heels of the switch from rings to channels, Microsoft has emitted the first "official" preview of the next Windows 10 and warned laggards that the 2004 auto-updater is on its way. As has been the norm since the disastrous Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Microsoft has been taking a cautious approach with new releases …

  1. logicalextreme Bronze badge

    2004 was a stupid numbering convention

    One that was quite obviously going to end up looming ambiguous from the outset but that could easily have been improved, with, I dunno, a dot in between the 20 and the 04.

    I see switching to H1 and H2 as a tacit admission from Microsoft that they no longer have any confidence that they'd be able to stick to the month-wide release window that Ubuntu has managed to hit for the past 16 years.

  2. Blackjack Silver badge

    Remember kids, you can disable Edge!

    Just disable all the app permissions Edge has and terminate the App. Then reboot and Edge should stop being annoying.

    If that doesn't work, maybe this might help:

  3. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

    2004 so far

    My mini pc on the tv no issues at all when updated last week.

    My personal PC updated last night changed my theme from Dark to Light Mode (FFS why can't they simple things like keeping how I want everytrhing to look properly!)

  4. Roland6 Silver badge

    "and warned laggards that the 2004 auto-updater is on its way."

    "...The May 2020 Update (aka Windows 10 2004, aka 20H1) has been out for a while now..."

    I must be living in a different spacetime, Windows 10, 2004 was only officially released on May 27th; ie. 21 days ago...

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