back to article Meatspace meetup Web Summit reckons you'll be ready to revisit the world in November

Web Summit, Europe's largest web-centric conference by attendees, will go ahead in November as planned, according to the event's organiser. The conference, which mostly caters to the startup ecosystem, attracted 70,000 attendees from 163 countries last year. It will take place in Lisbon's Altice Arena between November 2 and 5 …

  1. Christopher Reeve's Horse

    It'll be alright

    I'm pretty sure web developers are ardently subjected to social distance much of the time, they've got a fairly low baseline transmission risk...

  2. NerryTutkins

    A lot can happen

    I am in Portugal, half hour south of Lisbon. Generally the virus has been dealt with fairly well here and hasn't been anywhere near as bad as in the UK.

    The country is reopening now, and focusing on the critical July/August tourist season. I get the impression they know it will likely cause some virus spikes, but the importance of those two months for the tourist industry is so high, they're just going to do it and deal with any problems later once the people have left. Which could mean more restrictions later in the year, again.

    But even if it does go ahead, they need to start selling tickets etc now... how many people are going to be buying tickets, booking flights and hotels now in the current circumstances? Even aside from whether it runs or not, would I really want to be getting on a plane and flying anywhere unless it is absolutely essential, let alone attending an event with people from everywhere all in close proximity?

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