back to article Microsoft snubs Service Fabric as it plots to switch Teams infrastructure to Kubernetes

Microsoft's CTO for Azure has opened up on both the company's response to scaling issues with Teams during the COVID-19 pandemic and future plans to switch to "container-based deployments using Azure Kubernetes Service". The pandemic put pressure on Microsoft's cloud capacity, and chief techie Mark Russinovich describes in a …

  1. logicalextreme Silver badge


    It took someone of Russinovich's calibre and experience to ascertain that pointless and expensive animated fluff is both pointless and expensive. This discovery will surely revolutionise computing.

    1. RM Myers Silver badge

      Re: Amazing

      Actually, the 3 dots to indicate the other person is typing has been around in IM applications for a long time, and is helpful to prevent crosstalk. And read receipts are also nice to have (but why an animation?), particularly in important chats (think doctors and lawyers). The 30 per cent seems excessive though.

      1. logicalextreme Silver badge

        Re: Amazing

        I've always hated typing indicators personally. I think I've possibly just had one too many conversations slowed down by the opposing party starting to type and then abandoning it or getting distracted by something else. I'm sure I've been guilty of inflicting the same on others.

        Though yes, the 30% does scream of some sort of server-side inefficiency rather than an actual problem with animations themselves. Perhaps each frame of the animation was retrieved uncached from the server by each client each time. I'm sure we've all seen stuff that's just as baffling.

      2. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

        Re: the 3 dots to indicate the other person is typing

        Their lipses moving...

    2. MatthewSt Bronze badge

      Re: Amazing

      At risk of being informed (as opposed to just going along with what has been written and possibly mis-spoken) the read receipts are not an animation but a static indicator. It wasn't disabling an animation that saved them a load of server processing power, but the processing and transmission of read receipt information.

      Same goes for the typing indicator. It may be an animation client side, but server side it's just a message going backwards and forwards. To be accurate it has to effectively poll (because you either need to say "user is still typing" or "user has stopped typing") so that's 1 message to receive and then relay back out to another.

      They're both useful pieces of information, and we missed them a lot when they were disabled

      1. RM Myers Silver badge

        Re: Amazing

        Actually, you are allowed to be informed once. Just don't make a habit of it - this is the internet after all.

        It is good to know that the read receipt isn't an animation. That surprised me when I read the article. I've used a number of IM and chatbox applications, but never Teams. That is one advantage of being retired.

      2. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

        Robert is still reading...

        Animation doesn't have to move. Derek Jarman made a film called "Blue" which visually just has a blue screen for an hour and a half. Familiar to Windows users... It does come on either DVD or CD so not entirely taking the liberty. The CD might come with "No D" glasses to not watch it through?

  2. DryBones

    Detonation Service...?

    Explosions and carnage as a service, then?

    Because of course sandbox escapes don't exist, so automatically running dodgy stuff is a great idea.

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