back to article From the crew behind the Sony Pictures hack comes Operation Interception: An aerospace cyber-attack thriller

Threat intel researchers have uncovered a phishing and malware campaign that targeted "a large European aerospace company" and which was run by the same North Koreans behind the hack of Sony Pictures. While there are quite a few European aerospace firms, Slovakian infosec biz ESET was more concerned with the phishing 'n' …

  1. Androgynous Cow Herd

    Oh great...

    Every time I read about the Sony hack I feel compelled to watch "The Interview" again. And James Franco really isn't all that funny.

  2. doublelayer Silver badge

    How easy was that attack

    I'm wondering how easy someone in, for example, sales would find it to extract a password-protected .rar archive. It's not supported by Windows natively, so they'd likely have to get another archive program. At the point where you have to convince someone to download a file, decrypt it, decompress it, run a shortcut, and download a file, you have to ask if your scheme is too suspicious to work. At least, if I were evil I'd be concerned that the complicated process might confuse my victims or cause them to report me. Evidently I still have too much confidence in the social engineering resilience of the average user.

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