back to article Microsoft Web Live Preview: Hot reload for ASP.NET web applications

Microsoft has released an early version of Web Live Preview, a Visual Studio extension that enables hot reload for ASP.NET web applications. In other words, a developer can change the source of a web page at runtime, and the web page in the browser updates without the application having to be restarted. The issue Microsoft is …

  1. karlkarl Silver badge

    I ran from web development years ago so I am very out of date.

    However, is this really still an issue? I had no idea. Surely some sort of incremental compilation solution has been devised by now?

    I remember having this issue with Java (Tomcat) where even after faffing with .xml config files, automatically reloading a recently built jar / war was still annoyingly awkward.

  2. rmullen0

    Port ASP.NET Web Forms to .NET Core and stop wasting time on things people don't need

    I would rather Microsoft port Web Forms to .NET Core instead of wasting their time on this.

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