back to article Asia's Uber equivalent Grab lets go of 1 in 20 staff

Grab, the ride-sharing service that did so well in Southeast Asia that Uber bought a chunk of it and fled, has announced layoffs. "From the moment we began navigating through this global health crisis, I hoped I would not have to send a note like this," wrote founder and CEO Anthony Tan on Tuesday. "It is with heavy heart that …

  1. Dr Scrum Master

    Ride sharing?

    Can we please stop calling Grab, Uber, etc ride sharing firms?

    They're as much to do with ride sharing as any other taxi firm.

    If you want to call something ride sharing, then you can describe buses as ride shares.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: Ride sharing?

      Or collectivos as they are commonly known in Latin America.

  2. Pangasinan Philippines

    Multi purpose

    They are handy for delivering my afternoon burger meal or for sending packages across town.

    About to use them again very soon.

    Their motorcycles beat the usual traffic jams here in Manila

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