back to article Don't like Mondays? Neither does Microsoft 364's Outlook Exchange Online service

Microsoft 365 started the week off with an early totter in the Oceania region followed by a full-blown European Outlook client TITSUP*. The European failure appears to have blanketed much of the continent as Outlook users (connecting to the company's Exchange Online service) found themselves unable to connect. The problem …

  1. a_yank_lurker

    Ah The Cloud

    What a perfect excuse not to get any work done because the Rejects of Redmond buggered something again.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Ah The Cloud

      This should be a permanent feature for all Mondays.

      1. bombastic bob Silver badge

        Re: Ah The Cloud

        maybe it was Just a Test...

        Micros~1.364 - heh - and counting

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Total Inability to Support Usual Productivity

    The trouble is "usual productivity" when it comes to Orifice is pretty damned dire

  3. N2

    Microsoft 364...

    Thats being generous.

  4. 9Rune5

    Wait... An outage?

    Unfortunately I was not affected.

    How I know?

    Well, a co-worker dispatched no less than 20 (perhaps even 30) meeting invitations for our daily standup meeting. ...and she did that while I was busy clicking 'No, bloody fcking NO!' on her previous batch of invites. Watching the new avalanche of invites was surreal.

    A mutual colleague tried giving her some pointers the first time this happened, and her reply was something along the line of setting up rules in outlook to filter incoming e-mail. Which he did. So he no longer reads anything dispatched by the mistress of mail missive avalanches. He also decided to move to another division of the company, making sure that his and her paths would never cross again.

  5. Nunyabiznes

    And yet...

    My boss just finished "winning" the budget to implement O365 across our whole institution. Yay!

  6. tin 2

    27 minutes to acknowledge a europe-wide outage?

    1. Alister

      Yeah, well it's Europe, innit, It's not like it's anywhere important.

    2. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge

      "27 minutes to acknowledge a europe-wide outage?"

      Well, yeah, they probably tried to coordinate things via Outlook first

  7. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    Exchange On Prem

    I'm involved in a couple of projects where we're moving customers from Exchange on prem to Office 365/Exchange Online.

    Having seen the state of these on-prems Exchange setups, I think the skills required to manage on-prem email (Exchange or something else) are rapidly diminishing. For many people cloud email (Exchange Online, gmail, etc) is the sensible solution. I used to be anti-cloud, but for many people, there just isn't any point in trying to run your own mail setup. It's a distraction you just don't need.

    Is cloud perfect? No. But I'm a pragmatist and even the occasional cloud issue is minor compared to when a customer hasn't done any maintenance to the email server for years and finds their server then goes belly up for days as we come in to try and rescue it.

    1. MatthewSt

      Re: Exchange On Prem

      Precisely. For £500 per year we can get an email system and document system with 1TB storage per user for a company of 10.

      If anyone can beat that price for an on-premise system I'd be interested to know. We don't need 100% uptime, and to be honest we'd probably settle for 99%. Bear in mind though, that your fee for fixing it in the 7 hours per month that it can be down needs to be covered by your quote. We're not paying for you to fix it!

      1. 9Rune5

        Re: Exchange On Prem

        And these days, is e-mail your only communication platform?

        My employer uses both Teams as well as Slack. And Yammer and Confluence and lots of other platforms where some form of communication can take place independently of Exchange.

        I'm no business manager, but 99% availability for e-mail sounds plenty good to me.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Exchange Server

    "Exchange Server crashing quietly in the corner"

    There were no major issues with the Exchange environment I have managed for the last 10 years that stick in my mind. I am sure there must have been some minor problems but I can't recall any crashes or mail outages. It has moved from 2010 -> 2013 -> 2016. There were some high resource usage issues with search and a few connector niggles with 2013 when it was first released, but since SP1/CU4 it has been solid. Redundant client access and DAGs meant upgrades with no downtime. It just worked.

    We only just moved to 364 due to the absurd minimum resource requirements specified for Exchange 2019. Just in time for mad Monday.

    1. mikepren

      Re: Exchange Server

      The mere fact you talk about upgrades, and then patches, means you aren't 90% of the remaining on prem exchange sites

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Exchange Server

        Tips for happy Exchange Server-ing.

        * Have a healthy AD and DNS infrastructure.

        * Have at least two Exchange servers with a DAG and load balanced client access.

        * Give them lots of disk space. (No really, give them double what you thought they needed to start with.)

        * Plenty of RAM as well.

        * Apply quarterly updates a couple of weeks after release.

        99% of sick Exchange servers I have to deal with fail the above. Usually the first one. Quite often they are resource starved as admins assign resources based on experience with previous versions of Exchange. 2013 onwards are a completely separate beast that log absolutely everything and cache as much as possible to RAM.

        If you cant have more than one Exchange server then you need downtime every three months to apply the CUs. Or you just don't bother (usually the case).

        General rule of thumb, if you can't have more than one server go to 365. If you have to stay on prem, get another server.

    2. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

      Re: Exchange Server

      Come on your must have accidently caused some issue, me as Domino admin found one of our sites on a seperate notes network, corrected this and minutes later rather found lots of leavers staff re-added. After wondering what went on discovered a backup of names.nsf was taken and left in the data directory, as the deletion stubs for the entries were long gone they were re-populated.

      Ah the joys of dodgey setups.

  9. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    My missus keeps asking me to help with issues with her work e-mail (Outlook-based). I keep telling her I would rather have my tongue hammered wafer thin with a steak tenderizer and stapled to the floor with a croquet hoop.

    (Doffs hat to captain Blackadder)

  10. osxtra

    Count 'em up

    Hopefully it's just this past Monday, otherwise we'll have to start calling it Office 313 (possible 314 on a leap year).

  11. wolfetone Silver badge

    Had this yesterday. In a company of about 60, 40 of which working from home, only one person asked me why they couldn't access their emails.

    So I wonder how productive the other 39 have been...

    1. Tim99 Silver badge

      Or they might just have kept you/IT out of the loop and used “social media”...

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