back to article Trend Micro pulls another app over security fears: This time, the Privacy Browser in the Dr Safety Android suite

Trend Micro has pulled the Privacy Browser from its Dr Safety Android security suite following the discovery of a reoccurring flaw that could be abused to trick people into thinking malicious pages were legit. Security consultant Dhiraj Mishra discovered and privately reported the vulnerability to the software maker in April. …

  1. JCitizen

    Trend Micro used to be on top...

    In the early part of this century, Trend Micro was the only anti-virus that actually seemed to work - it and NOD32 that is. But after 2007 all bets were off and it seemed non of the AVs I tried did there jobs anymore, except Avast. None the less I temporarily used ESET's NOD32 until I started getting very difficult problems trying to reinstate my license when the subscription ran out. It was so difficult I quit and went to Avast. Now it seems none of the AVs truly detect any of the best malware out there, so I settled on MBAM for now. As long as I keep everything totally updated, at least malware is unlikely to pwn my computer - I'm not even sure MBAM can help any better, but it is a lifetime license, so I'm sticking to it. They don't have their own browser, but they have a Chrome extension that seems to work pretty well so far.

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