back to article Malaysia using digital MaGIC to join the spend-on-tech-to-defeat-viral-slump club

Malaysia has decided to splash cash on tech as part of its post-pandemic economic stimulus plan. As outlined yesterday by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), the nation has cooked up 40 initiatives and funding of RM35bn (US$8bn) to promote increased use of technology by small business and more …


    Karaoke is still prohibited

    > Karaoke is also still prohibited so at least amateur warblers ruining pop classics won’t ruin anyone’s beer.

    You seem to have misjudged the number of Malaysians who own a personal karaoke machine that hooks up to the home entertainment system.

    Trust me, when one of my neighbor sings, the entire neighborhood (and then some) knows. And as far as the Malaysian Police are concerned, it’s not a nuisance if it happens during the daylight hours.


    Karaoke is still prohibited, but...

    Hmmm, for some reason my iPad did a double post...

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