back to article Because things aren't bad enough already: COVID-19 is going to mess up election security assumptions too

The social distancing measures brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic will weaken election security in the US, according to a non-profit's security check. A report [PDF] from New York University's Brennan Center for Justice warns that as election workers and local officials are forced to do their jobs remotely, the risk of …

  1. JCitizen

    Get over it already!!

    Election officials need to grow a pair and just go down to the election site and do their job - besides we have a good mail in election system in our state, and that is how I will be voting. The machine that counts those ballots is air gapped, and should not need input to work, as it is a simple photo counter and needs no updates. They should just switch to mail in ballots this election!

  2. EnviableOne Silver badge

    Election workers are vulnerable if they dont use security

    NSS - like we needed a report to say this.

    The solution to election security is paper ballots, either in person or by mail.

    to even atempt to rig an election done this way, is too complex and resource intensive, even for one precinct let alone one district

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