Affordability of SSD storage drives

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    Affordability of SSD storage drives

    Is anybody keeping track of the rate at which SSD storage drives become affordable?

    I was thinking of getting an external SSD to act as my backup drive, but it looks as though prices are still taking a very long time to reduce (as the technology matures and economies of scale start to take effect).

    SSDs are still considerably more expensive than spinning rust, and, at the time of writing, the price curve looks to be as follows: up to 500 GB = affordable, but too small to be of much use for many backup purposes; up to 1 TB = not unreasonably expensive, but you still get considerably more spinning rust storage in the same price range (~5 GB or more); and then quite a terrifingly large and disproportionate (in simple numerical terms, although I imagine that a potential higher failed chips in manufacture rate affects this) increase for 2 TB SSDs.

    I guess it will still be spinning rust for me for quite a while yet!

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