back to article Keep it clean you lot: Samsung's created a hand-washing app for its wearables

Users of Samsung’s wearable devices can now get their hands on a hand-washing app that runs on their wrists. Citing University College London research that washing six-to-ten times a day lowers infection risks, the company suggests that even in lockdown many of us are too busy to remember it’s time to get soapy. Enter “Hand …

  1. jake Silver badge

    Next up ...

    ... an app that reminds you to breathe!

    Whatever would we do without all this fine technology?

    1. EVP Bronze badge

      Re: Next up ...

      Check Apple Watch, it already does that... well, it at least instructs how to breath. We have apparently been breathing wrong.

  2. Mark #255

    Even I can see the problem here...

    "If users find themselves washing their hands before their next scheduled reminder alarm, users can just tap the ‘Wash now’ button before washing their hands to disable the upcoming alarm.

    So the user can tap on the screen with an unclean finger, and interact with their watch after washing, to transfer the grot back to their hands? (And viruses remain active longer on hard surfaces.)

  3. E_Nigma

    And We Need an App for This?

    Seriously, how hard is it to wash your hands a few times a day without being reminded, especially under the circumstances? It's 3-4 minutes a day of my time so, ever since all this began, every morning when I wake up, I immediately go to the bathroom and wash my hands 6-7 times and I know I'm good for the day.

  4. XSV1
    Thumb Down


    I am an avid Samsung fan, but this is just effing ridiculous.

  5. Kaylin

    Samsung's new step

    Excellent application in the context of unregulated disease.

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