back to article Tor soups up onion sites with bountiful browser bump: No more tears trying to find the secure sites you want

The Tor Project this week rolled out an update to its browser that attempts to make the anonymity-protecting onion routing scheme more approachable. Version 9.5 arrives on the back of Firefox 77, which debuted on Tuesday with few noteworthy additions beyond security fixes. The Tor Browser is based on a foundation of Firefox …

  1. Timmy B

    Totally couldn't get past the fact...

    That he is cutting up an onion with a bread knife....

    1. BebopWeBop

      Re: Totally couldn't get past the fact...

      Definitely tears before bedtime - as anyone who has mangled an onion with a breadknife (and yes I have been that man - in the absence of any clean cutlery)

    2. Joe Harrison

      Re: Totally couldn't get past the fact...

      The image is cropped - in the full size one the guy is making a sandwich with some thick lumps of bread so maybe we'll let him off for using a single knife for the whole mission.

      1. Timmy B

        Re: Totally couldn't get past the fact...

        There is nothing I hate more than raw onion - even the red one (spring onions just slip past). So I refuse to let him off. When I see cooked cucumber I'll accept raw onion!

        1. wegie

          Re: Totally couldn't get past the fact...

          "When I see cooked cucumber I'll accept raw onion!"

          Sri Lankan cucumber curry, anybody?

          1. Timmy B

            Re: Totally couldn't get past the fact...

            Clearly the exception that proves the rule!

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    How do you know that ?

    "paradoxically the most popular website for Tor users is Facebook "

    How is it possible to make that affirmation when you don't know what Tor users are up to and Tor prevents metadata from being used ?

    I just went through Tor's Overview page and it specifically states :

    Using Tor protects you against a common form of Internet surveillance known as "traffic analysis." Traffic analysis can be used to infer who is talking to whom over a public network.

    So you don't know who is talking to who. To me, that means you don't know if Facebook is the preferred web site for Tor users because you don't know what other websites they're using.

    Also, using Tor to post your life on FaceBook. Now that's ironic.

    1. DropBear

      Re: How do you know that ?

      Also, using Tor to post your life on FaceBook. Now that's ironic.

      You don't know whether they actually log into it though - I've never had a Facebook account yet see myself visiting the site plenty of times seeing as how the rest of the world apparently decided old-fashioned websites are completely unnecessary even for small businesses, it's enough if you exist exclusively on Facebook...

      1. UBF

        Re: How do you know that ?

        21st century existentialism: I'm on Facebook, therefore I exist.

        I read that in the US people have a real hard time getting a job if they don't exist on FB. It's like traveling without a passport. Therefore, using Tor for FB means that you're either an activist or a terrorist.

  3. Neil Brown


    We've offered .onion services (e.g. dlegal66uj5u2dvcbrev7vv6fjtwnd4moqu7j6jnd42rmbypv3coigyd.onion) for most of our web-facing stuff for a few years now, and we've used a bit of a kludgy workaround using web server config and exit node IP addresses to redirect Tor users to the .onion version automatically. We've supported alt-srv and onion-location for a quite a while now too, so great to see this will get broader usage.

  4. Claverhouse Silver badge

    Beauty Is All

    I gave up on installing TOR when they decided to base it on the modernistic new Firefoxes.

    No way am I going to use a fugly browser.

    Plus, unlike Pale Moon etc., one is not supposed to use anything like Classic Theme Restorer to make it sane; because apparently any individuality makes one a subject of interest to such actors as the NSA and the Office of Naval Research.

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