back to article How many? 28 million fewer PCs and tablets to find a home in 2020

Seven is lucky for some, but maybe not PC and tab makers in 2020 if research house Canalys has got its forecasts right: manufacturers will ship 367.8 million of those boxes, 27.8 million fewer than the prior 12 months, and down - you guessed it - 7 per cent. Those are pretty stark figures, but hardly surprising. Demand for …

  1. a_yank_lurker


    The PC market will probably over the long term be relatively flat. It will probably change a couple percent either way from year to year but over several years be bouncing around a mean. Actual long term market growth will be as the population grows.

  2. batfink


    So if you're going to be permanently wfh, why would you get a laptop instead of a desktop?

    TBF, I sometimes take mine out into the garden while I work, but basically I'd guess most people are just going to be plonked in the one place for working.

    1. jdiebdhidbsusbvwbsidnsoskebid

      Re: Interesting

      Like so many, I'm mainly working from home and I far prefer a laptop to a desktop. At the end of the working day I can put the laptop away out of sight and it's gone. A desktop would be still sat there, taking up space and being a constant reminder of the day job that I'm trying to spend the weekend getting away from. All the more important to do as home and work places are now the same things.

  3. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Evidence suggests that most employees who are pushed into remote working actually enjoy it

    What evidence? Not those who have small children around that they're also supposed to teach… Then there will be the RSI problems associated with the fact that homes, for many, are not workplaces? Or is everyone also getting kitted out with external monitors, adjustable desks and office chairs?

    PC hardware got a filip last year due to the scramble for Windows 10. It's been on the downhill slope ever since.

    1. IGotOut Silver badge

      If you work from home for most of the time, the company has a legal responsibility to ensure your work area meets relevant health and safety regulations.

      1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

        Sure, but how many do you think are doing so at the moment?

      2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

        Um, says who ?

        1. hoola Silver badge

          Exactly, all the requirements for DSE and so on have been conveniently sidelined in the "COVID19 response".

          The fact that this is likely to be months, maybe even a year or more for some or even indefinitely has not been addressed.

          Just because we are working from home does not remove the responsibility of the employer to ensure the environment is appropriate.

          Switching from a multi-monitor docked laptop on a desk to do the same job on a laptop screen with an external mouse from home just does not work. But hey, manglement are not interested as everyone is "working" from home and they look good.

        2. IGotOut Silver badge

          "Um, says who?"

          The H&SE.

  4. Mike 16

    Long term tracking population?

    I strongly suspect that the long-term growth of PC sales will be driven more by mandatory updates that "can't" run on that crappy old (3-year old) PC, so you will need a new one. Works for phones, after all.

    ("working from home" in my career as "retired", or is that just "tired")

  5. Criminny Rickets

    My older laptop has been acting up lately and I've been looking into getting a new one. My problem, they are asking WAY too much for what I am looking for. I'm not looking for a high end machine, just something I can read install Linux Mint on, read email, browse the web (with a few tabs open) , listen to music and watch or stream videos on. I also want to use it offline, which rules out Chromebooks. However, I am not going to pay over $600.00 CDN (354 GBP) for it.

    1. Blackjack Silver badge

      Gets a PC instead unless you really really really need the mobility

      1. Criminny Rickets

        I do have a PC. The laptop is for when I am on the move and being able to work on personal things at work (approved by the boss).

    2. cb7

      There are some lovely (used) HP ProBooks selling on ebay right now. 7th Gen Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 14" screen for less then £300. Go for an immaculate one.

      Even the 15" Full HD screen versions are under your budget.

      Alternatively try the Lenovo L560.

    3. IGotOut Silver badge

      Get a cheap laptop, pull out the HDD and chuck in a SSD.

      I've breathed life into plenty an old PC that way.

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