back to article The Edinburgh Fringe festival isn't happening this year, but that won't stop a digital sign doing its own comedy routine

What to do in Edinburgh when there is no impending Fringe? The answer is obvious, at least to us – go hunting through streets normally thronged with tourists in search of bork. Register reader Chris Marquis spotted signage amusing itself in the absence of humans at the end of the Scottish capital's Cowgate, just before it …

  1. The Indomitable Gall

    The gates have been locked almost continuously since last century. I walked down those steps maybe twice. They stank of urine, or, as we say in Scotland, they reeked of pish. And that, dear reader, is why they're locked.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      >in Scotland, they reeked of pish. And that, dear reader, is why they're locked.

      Preserving a cultural artefact ?

    2. Danny 2

      To be fair, everyone pishes and the council have closed all the public toilets.

    3. rmv

      Ah, the steps up to High School Yards - They used to be where the junkies used to hang out to stay out of the rain. I was nearly stabbed at the bottom of those steps - although the guy with the knife was too far out of it to be much of a threat. And once I had to call environmental health once because some shit had thought it was funny to inject a dog with heroin there - I found the body with three needles sticking out of it.

      This was "last century" though. Happy times.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The festival should be banned

    In the name of all the micro aggression sufferers can we please stop this nonsense. This festival and all those damned comedians should be banned once and for all. Why does anyone need to laugh since it's always at someone else's expense. ?

    1. DreamEater

      Re: The festival should be banned

      Unless it’s at someone’s expanse?

    2. Richard 12 Silver badge

      Re: The festival should be banned

      The best comedians don't ask me to laugh at anyone's expense other than my own.

      About a tenner, I think?

      Was a while back, my memory of the beforetimes is hazy.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: The festival should be banned

        You do realise that they might trigger something in you that you don't yet know about. The thought police are there to teach you what will trigger you.

  3. Danny 2

    Students and tourists and spying landlords

    Current headline story in the local rag: 'Noisy, drug-taking' students the alternative to holiday lets say couple told to stop running Airbnb

    “We also have ring doorbell video camera installed on an external door which alerts us if there is any loud noise and a motion. We monitor our guest’s behaviours.”

    I should add that if lockdown restrictions have been lifted by August then Fringe venues will be allowed to host events.

    1. rmv

      Re: Students and tourists and spying landlords

      If they start renting the flat to "noisy, drug taking" students, they'll

      1. Have to register as landlords.

      2. Need a a HMO certificate.

      Edinburgh's standard HMO certificate conditions require them to prevent and deal with any anti-social behaviour from their tenants and provide all neighbours with their daytime and emergency phone numbers. Given the good will they've already earned from the neighbours, I'd expect them to start receiving a few 3am phone calls.

  4. 1752


    Is there a zoomed in picture I am missing? ' it has choked on the ArcSoft Connected Daemon' quite some reading if that was got from that image.

  5. mediabeing

    Next time, along with the TELL, give us SHOW as well, please! Argh!

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