back to article Mozilla cautions India's national open digital plan is 'open-washing'

Mozilla has cautioned that the Indian government's plan to develop a national GovTech framework risks "open-washing". The National Open Digital Ecosystem (NODE) plan was launched in March 2020 and proposed a set of open standards that the government hopes will "inspire and guide innovators within the government and in the …

  1. Mike 137 Silver badge

    Open is already relative

    With Linux embedded in Windows, "open" is already a relative concept. "Proprietary open" meaning they tell you just as much as they think is safe while protecting their IP is probably the realistic future. Ironic as the predominance of the IBM PC was entirely due to it's being mandatorily an open standard. The manual that came with my first PC included full circuit diagrams and BIOS listing. That openness directly drove both PC clones and the huge add-on industry that put the current closed source big players on the map.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Leap of logic there

    "open source should be preferred, but not mandated [because it] will prevent the problem of vendor lock-in"

    Preferred, but not mandated. Hmm. Sounds to me like private companies are going to be all over this with closed-source stuff and, now and again, drop in a little widget in open source just to say there is some.

    Let's be honest : if you say open source is not mandated, you open the door to a lot of capital that want returns and the best way capital knows to get something is through closed source.

    That's not how you prevent vendor lock-in.

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