back to article No, it's just a Mirage: Lenovo's nerd-goggles-for-suits boasts 4K display but no need to be attached to powerful PC

Lenovo has whipped the covers off its latest take on VR-for-biz in the form of the Android-powered Mirage VR S3 headset with ThinkReality. Following HP's second crack at the Reverb last week, Lenovo's new baby features a 4K display aimed at clearing up the blurry mess of how text tends to look in the normally lower-resolution …

  1. Mike 137 Silver badge


    Where will the goggles fit? None of my suits go anywhere near my face. They typically stop around the neck.

    1. Francis Boyle Silver badge

      Re: "nerd-goggles-for-suits"

      Your wearing the wrong suits. See icon.

      1. alex mcdonald

        Re: "nerd-goggles-for-suits"

        You’re. See icon

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