back to article Canonical pushes out MicroK8s installer for Mac and Windows, with Multipass VM tech lurking behind the scenes

Ubuntu daddy Canonical has emitted new MicroK8s installers for Windows and macOS developers using its Multipass technology. Multipass is Canonical's cross-platform take on lightweight Linux VMs. Using KVM on Linux, Hyper-V on Windows and HyperKit on macOS, developers can rapidly spin up a fresh Ubuntu (naturally) environment …

  1. HildyJ Silver badge


    Okay, I can get by the somewhat pompous "Canonical" but "Multipass" will forever direct my wetware to The Fifth Element.

  2. Chris Thomas Alpha

    Mac already has kubernetes with docker built in?

    Why would I want to use this on a mac when Docker itself already comes with a kubernetes option built in? Seems useless

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