back to article Android 11 Beta 1 leaks on to handful of handsets days after official release postponed

The Android 11 Beta has leaked to some Google Pixel users before its official release, revealing new details about the future of the world's most popular mobile operating system. Google originally planned to formally unveil the Android 11 beta on June 3. It later opted to wait, following the outbreak of mass protests across …

  1. Ol'Peculier

    I can already access my cards with a long press of the power button, which also pulls up a menu to screenshot, emergency and power down or restart

    1. robidy Silver badge
      IT Angle

      Cool, wonder how many ph0nes will stop getting security updates and become bricks in Q3 2020?

  2. Khaptain Silver badge

    New Icons, wooiaaahhh

    Superb, new icons, really makes me want me to run outside and scream...

    Ffs, they make billions and this is all they can come up with

    1. IGotOut Silver badge

      Re: New Icons, wooiaaahhh

      I'm sure they have come up with 20 more ways of tracking you and a dozen more convoluted way's you have to disable each one.

      So the money has gone somewhere.

    2. Bloodbeastterror

      Re: New Icons, wooiaaahhh

      "Superb, new icons"

      I agree. Each time I've upgraded an Android version (my Nexus 6 was originally on L, I think, and is now on Q) I've thought "What difference is there exactly...?"

      When you have a working system, all you can do is tinker round the edges. If icons are the stand-out improvement, then I think we've arrived at the end of the line. Still, gotta sell those phones...

    3. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: New Icons, wooiaaahhh

      Yes, but what else do you expect from this kind of report: new version gets installed without attendant changelog and developer event? It will take a while for anyone to export the ROM and do any serious comparison. So, in the meantime you get to see the A/B icon tests.

      We could do with a snooze icon for this kind of thing! ;-)

      1. Bloodbeastterror

        Re: New Icons, wooiaaahhh

        Well, if I need a changelog to see the differences, then the differences aren't in any way significant to my usage of the device, no? And as I stated, even after use of a new OS I've always thought "Meh! What changes?" The A/B partitions are a great idea but of minimal impact to day-to-day user experience, Dalvik-to-ART may have had a tiny (imperceptible) effect on app installation, black mode systemwide is nice. But overall, new version, same old same old.

        The important thing is shouting "new, shiny" and selling more phones.

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