back to article Microsoft hogs limelight at virtual Docker event as friends with benefits get even cosier

Microsoft was prominent at the virtual Dockercon event last week as the companies extended their agreement to work together on integration between Docker and the Azure cloud. The essence of the agreement, from a technical perspective, is integration between Docker Desktop, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and the Azure …

  1. DevOpsTimothyC

    Embrace, Extend, Extinguish

    Is it just me, or is anyoen else feeling the "Look at all the cool stuff tht is only available on a Microsoft product", In this case Azure. it reads like a challenger to Kubernetes

  2. Robert Grant Silver badge

    Dockercon also included sessions on deploying applications to AWS, but in the keynote it was Microsoft's cloud that got all the attention. Why Azure? "It's focused on the needs of developers," said Docker CEO Scott Johnston

    What? They all do that. If anything, I've found Azure to be less pleasant than GCP.

    Can't we just tell the truth? MS have tossed Docker some money, so they're building some stuff to make it easier to use Docker in Azure? Nothing wrong with that.

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