back to article AppGet 'really helped us,' Microsoft says, but offers no apology to dev for killing open-source package manager

Microsoft's Andrew Clinick, a group program manager in the Windows team who is involved with the development of the WinGet package manager, has tried to make good with the open-source community by publishing an acknowledgement of what was borrowed from the existing AppGet project. A preview of WinGet was released by Microsoft …

  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge


    "The day is not done until 'yum' and 'apt' won't run"

    Not invented here rules apart from when they can steal someone elses and make it their own after.... {you fill in the blanks}

    1. teknopaul Silver badge

      Re: Mandatory...

      You are a Muppet if you put your apps in Microsoft controlled "package manager".

      This is an AppStore play. They want to take 30% of your apps profits like Apple do.

      Otherwise they would not have needed to, ahem, "write their own" .

      If a PM doesn't support mirrors in version 0.1, its a scam.

      1. chuckufarley

        Re: Mandatory...

        That is just going to far.

        Muppets can't help being Muppets. They are as they are created. Therefore they should never be compared to people who use their free will to make ill informed and illogical choices in life. Doing so is irrefutably unfair to the Muppets. I am sure that if Muppets had free will they would demand an apology.

      2. YetAnotherJoeBlow Bronze badge

        Re: Mandatory...


        While you are being a bit more charitable than I am, you are spot on about package mirror support. Anything short of that, M$ will have laid their cards down face up.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The spots never changed

    Embraced, Extended and Extinguished.

    Microsoft being the same as ever. Why am I totally not surprised?

    1. a_yank_lurker Silver badge

      Re: The spots never changed

      Just a better polished turd is all the Rejects of Redmond are these days.

  3. Teiwaz

    appget really help us...

    says MS

    Shame then, they never reciprocated for his time and belief in their platform.

    1. oiseau Silver badge

      Re: appget really help us...

      ... they never reciprocated for his time and belief in their platform.

      Look at that.

      Unheard of.

      Tsk, tsk ...

      Seriously ...

      Who in their right mind would actually expect any sort of reciprocation from MS that did not involve getting fucked over thoroughly?


      This poor chap actually thought he would get some sort of reward or acknowledgement.

      Probably also thinks Santa Claus will make up for it come December.

      Now he knows better.


  4. teknopaul Silver badge

    There is a lot of money in running the official package manager, if you throw your morals out the window, or didn't have any to begin with.

  5. P. Lee

    As much as it pains me to say it

    I think package manager principles are probably not too unique.

    A huge software development company wants to talk to a tiny software development company. What did he expect? That MS wouldn't develop software?

    That said, its a pretty scummy move from MS. For something this fundamental, either just google and anonymously analyse package manager ideas or chuck the guy some cash. This has probably done more reputational damage than it needed to.

  6. steamnut

    Flatter to deceive?

    I am sure that M$Soft knew what they were doing. As a mega-rich corporation dangling an employment opportunity they sucked him dry of everything they wanted and then tossed him aside.

    Many years ago I had a simple bit of PC hardware that made me a nice living. A "prospective" large customer called me and, before placing an order, wanted more internal information about the product to make sure it would be accepted by their quality and inspection regimes. The order would have doubled my turnover in an instant. Naively, I freely gave them all they wanted without an ND in place. I never heard from them again but I know they fulfilled the requirement internally.

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