back to article Building society caught in middle of high street sharing a little too much on TeamViewer

There is a cautionary tale in today's edition of finest bork as a digital sign does exactly as instructed, but perhaps not quite as intended. It is the turn of the Cambridge Building Society to flash its undergarments at passersby this time around. Register reader Adam snapped the outfit's St Andrew's Street branch in the …

  1. anthonyhegedus Silver badge


    This is inexcusable and is indicative of just how seriously banks (and clearly building societies) take security. The larger banks are worse of course because they spend billions on advertising to lie to us about how much they care about security.

    1. TheProf Silver badge

      Re: Inexcusable

      But you have to admit that advert with the fake gorillas is fscking hilarious.

      1. Phil O'Sophical Silver badge

        Re: Inexcusable

        I remember the advert. Couldn't have told you who it was an advert for, though.

      2. TimMaher Bronze badge

        Re: Inexcusable

        Anyone remember the Cadbury advert with a gorilla as Phil Collins?


        1. hoola Bronze badge

          Re: Inexcusable

          That one was totally awesome, very clever and extremely well done.

          Much copied but never really equalled.

          1. MrBanana

            Re: Inexcusable

            Sort of equalled - there is a life size animatronics version at the Cadbury factory.

        2. Tigra 07 Silver badge

          Re: Inexcusable

          That was Phil Collins mate. Didn't you know?

  2. Cederic Silver badge

    not just banks

    Saw a payment terminal at a once-popular chalet based holiday establishment with something comparable. After reporting it to staff they called the terminal support group and an hour later Notepad was open and showing the text "Please reboot me now."

    I had to remind my friend that although yes, he could use the touch screen and the open Notepad to "learn more about the system" as he put it, he works in a senior technical position at a major UK bank and really shouldn't be leaving himself vulnerable to an accusation of hacking.

    His protests ended when I pointed out the ceiling based camera recording his actions.

    1. steviebuk Silver badge

      Re: not just banks

      Its difficult to resist as we're a curious lot in IT. Nowhere near a bank but in a lodge on IOW, I've snooped round in the loft and found their, quite decent switch that they use for each lodge. Good job I did as one of the bedroom TVs wasn't working. And turned out to be a loose cable in the switch, wasn't clicked into place. They correctly disabled all ports on the switch that weren't in use and the WiFi for each lodge had isolation on. The only shit part was their bullshit advertising of fast internet. It was far from it, it was worse than dialup.

      Another site, the whole park was wide open. From the lodge you could get to the main router that control all the other 6 or 7 lodges. The password was left as the default. You could even connect to the printer in their office. Was at Christmas. I was very tempted to send a print but didn't.

      Another place with a few lodges spaced a good distance apart also had issues. But the couple that run it are nice so I reported the issues via email. And gave them free IT advice or what to do to fix the issues (I guess thats why I have no money, giving advice for free instead of becoming a bullshitting consultant)

      1. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

        Re: not just banks

        Re: "(I guess thats why I have no money, giving advice for free instead of becoming a bullshitting consultant)"

        Yes, but think about all of that good karma and fortune you'll be able to take advantage of on your deathbed or next life. When it's all a bit too late ;-)

      2. JeffB

        Re: not just banks

        Re: "(I guess that's why I have no money, giving advice for free instead of becoming a bullshitting consultant)"

        You should have negotiated with them to do the work, then get a free holiday...

        1. steviebuk Silver badge

          Re: not just banks

          Unfortunately I live 163 miles away.

  3. Sinical


    Hmmmmm. Is it just me or does that building society's logo look a bit Microsoft-ish?

    1. BenDwire Bronze badge

      Re: Logowatch

      And maybe filtered through the London 2012 olympics logo

  4. IGotOut Silver badge


    Showing typed / saved passwords in the password box?

    What year is this again?

    1. Packet

      Re: TeamViewer....

      Way to miss the point.

      Teamviewer did not show typed/saved passwords.

      It shows (only to you) the credentials to be used to provide to someone else so they can connect to you.

      Naturally, they did not (and can not) plan for some pillock taking a screenshot of that to the entire bloody world

      1. Dan 55 Silver badge

        Re: TeamViewer....

        Well they could make it reveal for just a few minutes by clicking on it, if you wanted to see it again after that you have to click on it again.

        The bank's BOFH should have every remote PC saved in the TV account for passwordless access anyway (if the bank's paying for it).

        (I didn't downvote.)

        1. Anonymous Coward Silver badge
          Paris Hilton

          Re: TeamViewer....

          TeamViewer's biggest use (I thought anyway) is to allow a technician to access a user's PC... from experience, any additional "and now you need to click on this button" is enough to fluster users to the point of not being able to provide the info that you need.

          1. MrBanana

            Re: TeamViewer....

            I thought TeamViewer's biggest use was a warehouse full of people in India calling up to tell you that they were from Windows support, had remotely detected a virus on your system, and wanted to connect to your machine and fix it for you.

  5. RegGuy1 Silver badge


    I see their URL is

  6. EnviableOne Silver badge

    Teamviewer? Reallly?

    I dont let this walking security hole anywhere i can help it, it and its stable mate Goto assist, and if i do, tie down what anyone using it can access, generally loging it in with the minimum rights i can get away with.

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