back to article Thought GPT-2 was powerful? OpenAI teases GPT-3. Meanwhile, Microsoft dumps human journos for robots

Let's catch up on recent bits and bytes from the world of machine-learning. There’s a GPT-3! OpenAI teased its latest text-generating AI engine GPT-3, a bigger and better version of its predecessor, in a paper on arXiv. The giant autoregressive language model has a whopping 175 billion parameters, making it more than a …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    500GB of text

    That's a lot of text.

    But, with all these models and better and cheaper etc, where are the actual products that use them ?

    Is it all done so that Siri can become actually useful ?

  2. ThatOne Silver badge

    Microsoft dumps human journos for robots

    Ditching production for a better purchases department only works as long as somebody keeps producing. Else eventually all the leeches will be standing there, looking stupid, having nothing to steal aggregate.

    I fear we're heading towards the point where news (and thus our view of the world) will be made by YouTubers and other "internet influencers" (called that because easy to influence with money).

    1. MatthewSt

      Re: Microsoft dumps human journos for robots

      They weren't producing content anyway, they were deciding which externally written articles to include on Microsoft's sites. I know that headlines have to be sensationalist nowadays, but were they journalists?

      1. ThatOne Silver badge

        Re: Microsoft dumps human journos for robots

        > They weren't producing content anyway

        Yes I know, I was speaking generally. It's about the tendency: Good journalism is hard to make, and it's disappearing. :-(

  3. ThatOne Silver badge

    Amazon search

    > ALBERT [...] can, among other things, improve search results for recommendation systems

    That's the meanest thing Amazon could have said about it, assuming they use ALBERT themselves...

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