back to article Wipro names new CEO: Former Capgemini COO Thierry Delaporte

Wipro has named its new CEO: 25-year Capgemini veteran Thierry Delaporte will take the big chair as of July 6th. The company’s current CEO Abid Neemuchwala announced in January 2020 that he planned to step down due to family commitments and the board commenced a search for his successor. While the canned statement announcing …

  1. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse Silver badge

    Beating HCL...

    The strategy for beating HCL is by using their own strategy against them. Underbid massively on everything to win the contracts, dispute everything and then fail to deliver on anything that has been agreed commercially until the lawyers get involved; and then deliver late, below quality and over budget anyway.

    1. lansalot

      Re: Beating HCL...

      That was my experience also.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    He lost out on the top job inside Capgemini to Aiman Ezzat back in September (Ezzat took over that job last week), and Capgemini don't make a habit of changing CEOs that frequently, so pastures new it was.

    It'll be something of a culture shock. He ran the global service lines and the old financial services team - which is very much a stack-em-high bodyshop - but still the internal culture of Capgemini, even at the most cutthroat exec levels, is one that shies away from outright ripping off of customers. Capgemini liked to try and punch up to compete with Accenture and Deloitte. Wipro are fighting a knife fight two or three tiers below that.

  3. Al-Noor Ramji

    Abuse of the tax system, importing the cheapest of cheap people on indentured servitude while lying on their CV's, stealing intellectual property on a grand scale, being racist both caste on caste and anti white westerner, failing to deliver anything remotely like an acceptable service. its not a long term business except selling corruptly to bean counters who dont suffer if the service is bad.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You've either worked for, or worked with Wipro then.

      I have, and I've seen it first hand. Like the time one of them activated a licensable product on an array (without change control, and certainly without permission), got audited, and was presented with a rather large bill. Presented said bill to the customer, who rather politely declined to pay it. Next renewal, contract price went up. Funnily enough by the exact amount of previously presented bill....

      Not even any attempt to mask it either!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        I also experienced this. Career went backwards with them and found it the most horrible experience working for them after being transferred in from another company.

        The constant pressure, sitting in a room where they all jibber jabbered away in another language and broke everything they touched while giving awful service to customers led to me just jacking.

  4. Erik4872

    Preparing for the post-COVID offshoring rush?

    Unfortunately, I think COVID came too soon for the older-school companies in the middle of a force Digital Transformation brought on by their management consultants. Thank God I work for a European company in the US, because every single US company is ditching everyone they possibly can now that this has gone on for 3 months. Companies have been told for decades to not save and unload any assets they have, so they've got nothing to fall back on when their cash flow dries up. In house IT is going to get sacrificed so that the execs can keep their salaries, and it's going to undo a lot of the improvements that have happened in the 2010s.

    I fully expect that the fall is going to bring about a massive resurgence of offshoring contracts, solely driven by the "we need to save IT costs" requirement. On an MBA's spreadsheet, you can be the smallest, Agileest, nimblest, most productive team, but if 500 people in a far flung location can do it for less than 10 of you, no company will ever pick the nimble slightly-more-expensive team. I'm high enough in the IT org now that I'm starting to see the Wipros and Infosys's of the world circling again...their sales pitches are a little different but it's the same game. All they did is add Agile and DevOps to their playbook of revolving-door lowest-bidder workers.

    I'm hoping this pandemic has taught some companies the importance of having backup plans for when revenue isn't enough to cover expenses. Even the backward retail companies like JCPenney are probably going to make it out of bankruptcy because they have their real estate to make funny-money transfers on and borrow against. So many companies are just passthrough entities now...all their stuff is cloud services, they only hire contractors outside of management positions, etc. Maybe the MBA schools will start teaching new grads that you have to have something saved for the bad times....I'm hopeful but doubtful.

  5. Maximum Delfango Bronze badge

    Shit company hires shit CEO from other shit company. Both companies stay shit.

    Rest of world moves on.

  6. sketharaman

    Western India ....

    When I worked in WIPRO in the late 1980s, we were told the full form is WESTERN INDIA VEGETABLE PRODUCTS, after the company's origin in Bombay in western India, trading and later manufacturing of soaps and "vanaspati" (hydrogenerated vegetable oil). I just Googled, I see that the "vegetable" has been dropped but otherwise it's the same. I don't think WIPRO ever had Palm Oil as a part of its name.

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