back to article Did nobody tell them about the lockdown? Logitech releases new 'luggable' mechanical keyboard for LAN parties

Swiss peripherals maker Logitech has lifted the lid on its latest mechanical keyboard – the G915 TKL. The intended target audience seems to be die-hard gamers, and the G915 TKL hopes to win over this demographic with its ultra-slender mechanical keyswitches and more RGB lights than you can shake a stick at. The G915 TKL also …

  1. Dan 55 Silver badge

    No numpad

    No sale.

    1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

      Re: No numpad

      Its not aimed at the desk though, would be tempted to get one for my mini pc connected to the tv but not at that price.

    2. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Re: No numpad

      Did you actually read the part about "fits in a backpack and is easy to carry around"?

      1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

        Re: No numpad

        Don't care. Every keyboard fits in a backpack, if some of it sticks out it's no big deal.

      2. Dan 55 Silver badge

        Re: No numpad

        Four keys longer makes it too unwieldy to carry?

        1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

          Re: No numpad

          I was thinking more for an entertainment system in the living room, for LAN parties I always attached my keyboard to the top of the case for transport. My back pack was for Pot Noodles and my mouse.

          Although havent been to a LAN party for over 15 years (Last one the power tripped in the village hall we hired if everyone switch on at once).

      3. Martipar

        Re: No numpad

        All my keyboards have numpads and fit in both my average rucksacks - i agree no numpad no sale, i use it far too often.

    3. Adam Trickett

      Re: No numpad

      I thought the same too until I realised that the numeric pad was almost never used in the work I do. Yes it is highly useful when entering a lot of numbers, but I write code for a living and that's mostly in letters, so I've now decided to get a TKL (actually a 17 key fewer keyboard) - but not a blinged up one like this.

      Secondly the numeric pad means that my trackball is further away to the right that it needs to be. I don't use the the trackball when writing but when I do need to use it it's further away that it should be.

      Finally I clutter up my desk so a smaller footprint is useful on space, as I've never enough space...!

  2. GlenP Silver badge

    How Much?

    It's around 30 years since I spent that much (of someone else's money) on a keyboard.

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Re: How Much?

      That's because quality costs. I spent some bucks on some IBM Model Ms a couple decades ago, and I'm still typing on them.

      Go buy some cheap chiclet shit if you want. Best Buy has tons of it.

      1. Aleph0

        Re: How Much?

        Apropos Logitech quality, I hope the switches on this keyboard are better than those they're using on their mice. Now that it's becoming warmer, the left button on my two-year-old M500 mouse has again started issuing phantom double-clicks, just like last summer...

        1. 89724102172714182892114I7551670349743096734346773478647892349863592355648544996312855148587659264921 Bronze badge

          Re: How Much?

          The switches on the MX570 are now timed to fail after the nᵗʰ click which is a damned shame, 'tis an awesome mouse in all other respects. Every couple of years I buy replacements and they progressively survive even less clicks. Either my index finger is gaining weight or this is planned obsolescence, given Swiss expertise with holy cheese and springs.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: But if you're taking this thing to a competitive gaming party

    Would that be "my keyboard is so much cooler" competitive gaming party, or some other sort of competitive gaming party (e.g. perhaps one based on in-game performance, or some other unlikely metric)? :-)

  4. Stuart Castle Silver badge

    I have a mechanical keyboard, with the RGB lights. However, not being a gamer (well, I am a gamer, but don't see the point in all the flashy LED stuff, and don't have a "rig" that cost me thousands of pounds, with glass sides), I have them mostly set to be white (makes it much easier to type), and I bought the keyboard partly because I needed a keyboard with lights, partly because it was on sale at Amazon for 60 pound (normal price is about 180), but mostly because I do a lot of typing and like a keyboard with a nice, positive action.

  5. Sgt_Oddball Silver badge

    The fun of a wireless keyboard...

    Is in plugging it into someone else's machine for random inputs and associated hijinks.

    But... For £200... For something that lights up like a cheap nightclub? And using switches that I have no chance to test anytime soon....

    I think I'll pass.

  6. conel

    If you can live with wired and a white back light the Razer Blackwidow Lite is half the price.

    1. Paul Smith

      If you can live with the other differences, you can have a brand new keyboard for under a tenner.

      1. Cederic Silver badge

        To be fair, not one that's as nice for gaming. E.g. multi-key rollover is unlikely to be available in the sub-tenner option.

  7. Spicer

    21cm across?

    Not for me then, my hands, with both thumbs touching are 27cm

    I need more than just the WASD keys from a keyboard

    1. Aleph0

      Actual width is 38.6 cm, per .

  8. Dwarf Silver badge

    "with its ultra-slender mechanical keyswitches"

    What could possibly go wrong ...

    I just hope they are more tolerant of dust and debris than some other brands have proven to be.

  9. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    200 quid?

    "chuck in a backpack"

    No, I don't think I'd "chuck in a backpack" at that price. I'd be carefully placing it into something where it will be well protected and little to no chance of damage bouncing against other stuff in the backpack or getting jostled while travelling.

    1. Col_Panek

      Re: 200 quid?

      For that amount I'd expect a velvet-lined hard case. I bought my last two computers for less than that.

      1. doublelayer Silver badge

        Re: 200 quid?

        Those are two cheap computers. In my experience, you can get computers for that price but they're not very good for most tasks. I tend not to spend that much, and I can survive on much less resource than some people I know, but I would be hard pressed to find a computer with sufficient specs for that price. When you say that, are you referring only to the processing and memory or does the price include case, storage, and connectivity as well?

  10. Martin 63

    Num Pad

    The number pad is of no real use to me. Being left handed I don't really use the ones I have. But the price is a bit steep.

  11. Lucy in the Sky (with Diamonds)


    I have learned keyboarding from Paul Newman in the Color of Money. If I want to hustle, use a house keyboard, not a Balabushka.

  12. Bluto Nash

    Model M fo' life

    One of the unpublished advantages of the Model M is the lack of a Windows key. It frustrates the hell out of random scammer calls. "OK, so what key is next to the Ctrl key on your keyboard?" "Um, a blank spot?" "You LIE!"

    This aside from the obvious advantages of:

    1 - LOUD - You KNOW when I'm typing

    2 - Durable - I have three - one at home, one at work, one spare. The spare is unlikely to ever be necessary

    3 - Heavy - Not gonna shift around while I whack on it

    4 - Removable keycaps can be run through the washing machine in a lingerie bag

    5 - Durable - Did I say that? Only have to rinse the blood of the user off before writing the post contact report.

    6 - BEST tactile response of any keyboard, ever. Of course, I learned to type on a manual typewriter, so there's that...

    Plus already paid for and less than 200 quid each to begin with. WTF are they thinking?

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