back to article HP's hoping it'll be second time lucky with launch of Reverb G2 nerd goggles

HP has given the moribund Windows Mixed Reality market a shot in the arm by opening pre-orders for its long-teased HP Reverb G2 headset. The nerd goggles, built in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, are a mouthwatering proposition for virtual reality fans, featuring a pair of 2,160 x 2,160 screens (a total of 9.3 million …

  1. Christopher Reeve's Horse

    This looks really interesting

    ...and would be perfect for driving sims. FOV is really important for getting the look, feel and immersion of driving right, and often getting a good FOV setting on a single monitor means compromising on lateral spatial awareness from the driving position. Just being able to look around at will, and without having the additional faff of base stations setup sounds great. I've never been much tempted by Occulus because it still feels very much like a first generation product that's been stagnant for quite some time now.

  2. 3Sails


    Been biding my time as I want to play through Half Life:Alyx and fancy Elite in VR.

    This might be the one! Looking forward to the reviews.

  3. Sandtitz Silver badge

    "This is a problem. Despite those displays being crisp enough to make out text that would otherwise remain murky and blurred, a user is still tethered to a high-powered PC in a way the forever sold-out Oculus Quest is not."

    HP would be delighted to sell the user also the HP VR Backpack...

  4. sanmigueelbeer

    Is it me or is HP a tad "late for the party"?

    1. Sgt_Oddball

      That's not always a bad thing.

      Just look at the iPhone. Smart phones had been done before, but arriving late meant everyone else had laid the groundwork and with the right product pushed everyone enough to really make a nieche product mainstream.

  5. Mark192

    Try before you buy

    Try before you buy.

    Less than 10 minutes on a PlayStation VR headset gave me nausea that hung around for hours.

    That said, even watching 3D movies at the cinema was unpleasant enough to spoil a film.

    I'd say it's a limitation of me, not the technology, but I've been viewing things in 3D for a long time with no ill effects :-/

    1. J27

      Re: Try before you buy

      I think VR headsets make everyone sick eventually, but people have varying tolerances. I can generally stand about 2 hours, sometimes up to 3. But some of my friends get sick in minutes. That said, I'm not sure how much I actually enjoy VR, the inconvenience is pretty high and while it can be very engrossing I don't find myself pulling on the headset that often.

      1. Captain Scarlet

        Re: Try before you buy

        I have heard most people say sitting down helps.

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