back to article Dell says the hard part comes next after rapid pandemic response helped it to stable Q1 revenue

Dell has landed its first quarter for fiscal 2021 with a tiny dip in revenue compared to the same period last year, but warned that its usual seasonal revenue and profit surges probably won't happen next quarter. The company won $21.897bn of revenue for the three months to 1 May [PDF], compared to $21.908bn over the same …

  1. robidy

    So Dell isn't supplying kit to any large cloud providers...neither is HP but we're always told to use them...

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "meaningful business insights"

    I can't help but feel a disconnect between business insights and where people work. The only thing that is meaningful is that the job is getting done, and there should already be business insight on that.

    1. teknopaul

      Re: "meaningful business insights"

      Just to play devils advocate...

      You can focus on getting the job done and miss out on new ways of working, aka transformation, or new things to be done, aka pivoting. I think it is common that people like to stay in the same job and that their definition of doing a good job, is not in line with what customers find important. Esp. in b2c.

      Not sure where Dell fits into that, other than helping throw computers at analytics.

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