back to article You, Apple Mac fan. Put down the homemade oat-milk latte, you need to patch a load of security bugs, too

Apple has alerted users about a bunch of security fixes for its software on supported versions of macOS that you ought to install as soon as you can. For Safari, there are nine CVE-listed patches in version 13.1.1. Six address malicious code execution (CVE-2020-9802, CVE-2020-9800, CVE-2020-9806, CVE-2020-9807, CVE-2020-9850, …

  1. Joe Gurman


    All of these patches were released on Tuesday, May 26, at least US (any time zone) time. At worst, they would have appeared early Wednesday in Europe.

  2. davidp231

    I tried iCloud in windows once... it bluescreened so it was promptly removed.

    1. The Sprocket

      I wouldn't go near iCloud for anything. And I'm a Mac user.

      1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

        I use it only for sharing key chain for some accounts on different machines. 5GB storage isn't enough for anything serious and the silent transferral of local files to a remote server is unacceptable.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Apple will happily sell you more space...

  3. 45RPM Silver badge

    In fairness, I tried oat milk once. It was quite nice, kind of like a porridge milkshake.

    I could imagine drinking it regularly if the cost dropped significantly and the price of cows milk became exorbitant. Not otherwise though.

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