back to article Motorola sticks a suit on Moto G Stylus mobe, pushes it towards European corporate types

Almost four months after it was first unveiled, Motorola has finally announced a European release for its Moto G Stylus phablet. Except, it has been given a whole new enterprise-oriented direction, with a name to match: the Moto G Pro. Motorola is touting the Moto G Pro to corporate customers through one of its business …

  1. jelabarre59

    input device

    Styluses aren't a great general input device –

    Styluses *are* a good input device if you have large hands, and mashing your big fingers on a small screen (and yes, even a "phablet" screen is small, when you have large hands) is far less productive than a stylus.

    1. Great Bu

      Re: input device

      Mash the pad for a dialling wand....

  2. Sparkus

    4gb is pretty generous for any android device...........

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