back to article Google brews up a fresh pot of Java for its serverless Cloud Functions service

Google Cloud Platform has added Java 11 support to its serverless Cloud Functions service. Cloud Functions, like AWS Lambda and Microsoft Azure Functions, lets you deploy code that runs in response to events or requests, and is priced on the basis of resources consumed when it runs. Languages (or more accurately runtimes) …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Java ?

    Are you talking about that pile of shit that hasn't been capable of updating itself for the past three months ?

    Every day I get a notification that Java needs updating. I click Update Now, and after a few minutes I get a failure message that Java could not download it's update package.

    I am on FTTH with a 1GBps line - don't tell me I don't have the bandwidth.

    Also, the problem is ongoing. I have gone twice to Oracle's effing page to update manually - they still can't get it right.

    What a bunch of wankers.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Java ?

      I think the problem is that the update service has some flaky Java code - nothing unusual about that, they will get the update fixed in the next update with any luck.

    2. bombastic bob Silver badge

      Re: Java ?

      yeah well I suspect that Java, as well as Python and Node.js and other "interpretive" run-times, aren't the only possible code thingies that you can run in response to web events. I suspect that all of this is simply an expansion of "offerings".

      That being said, I would choose to use C/C++ for everything, for efficiency, to limit costs. But well written Java code might be nearly as efficient as C/C++, and a LOT of people like Java [it's the #1 programming language, according to the TIOBE index, for the last few years].

      So can you blame them for OFFERING it? I don't.

      (the REAL problem might be on the client side - why use Python? JavaScript? Java is DEFINITELY an improvement, In My Bombastic Opinion)

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